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Are your client gifts improving your bottomline?


From: Jeanette Cates
Author, Online Success Tactics

Dear Web Designer,

Many businesses do not make a habit of giving gifts to their clients. That means that those businesses who do give gifts stand out even more! And that can make a big difference in the year ahead.

But that depends on the quality of the gift. Instead of a calendar or a fruit basket, why not give your customers something they will enjoy and something that will lead to more business for you?

Online Success Tactics: Top 100 Ways to Build your Small Business is currently at the printer. This book is written for the non-technical business owner, not for the web designer. The book provides 100 one-page ideas for building online success, in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand format.

The book is divided into four sections with multiple tactics under the headings of:

  • Online Sales
  • Visibility
  • Service & Support
  • Building your Expertise

Forty-four of the tactics are "web-enhanced" to provide information beyond the book.

In short, it's a quality product you can be proud to give your clients.

There are three ways to send the book to your customers:

  1. Let us do the work. After receiving your client list, we will send an email to each customer, directing them to a special online gift page where they can download the ebook version for immediate use. Then, in January, when the print version is available, we will ship an autographed copy to them, complete with a sticker identifying you as the giver.
  2. You do the work. If you prefer, you can create the gift page and send the email - we'll supply the code for the download. We can then send you the books for distribution to your clients in January.
  3. We share the work. We can create the gift page and let you send the email. Then we can send the books in January. Or you can send the books - or any combination that works!

Regardless of the delivery option you choose, your customer will be pleased that you thought of them and provided such a valuable gift. Plus, with the ebook delivery in December and the printed version delivery in January, you'll have two exposures to your client. And you'll have the advantage of a customer who is learning more about good online business - and who will need your services in the future.

What does it cost to provide this gift for your clients? The book retails for $14.95. However, you can save 20% through this special web designer's purchase program. When you order over $300 of books, you save an additional 10%.

To place your order, click here. But hurry! There are only a few shopping days left!

See you online!


"Dr. Cates has done a great job of simplifying a sometimes mystical topic for small business owners. She provides many practical and proven tactics that truly do build traffic and help increase online sales. I am definitely giving this book to my small business clients. I'm looking forward to future books as well!"

Heidi M. Hintz
Web Site Design and Promotion

P.S. Here's a special bonus for you!
When you order Online $uccess Tactics for your clients, you'll receive a complimentary copy of the ebook version for your own use! You'll be able to refer to specific tactics that you want to emphasize with your clients - offering specials to compliment their use of the book.

Put in your order today!

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