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We do the work!

You send us your client list. We'll send an email directing them to your special gft page. In January, when the printed book is complete, we'll send an autographed copy to each of your clients. You'll have the advantage of being in front of them in December and in January! Order now!

You do the work!

You set up the gift page and you send out the email. We'll send you the special code for the download page. In January, we'll ship you copies of the books so that you can distribute them for your clients. Order now!

We share the work!

  • We set up the gift page. You send out the email. Or vice versa.
  • We mail the books to you or to your clients.
  • You send only the ebook version to your clients.
  • You send only the print version.

Basically, we can work together to accomplish your goals! Order now!

Regardless of your delivery option, get your order in today!


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